Mick Henien


This is Mick Henien, Director/ Licensee In Charge.

No matter what you are thinking of, selling or buying, if you are talking about the property market, you’re talking about us! 

So, give us the chance to participate in that discussion. 

Talk to you soon! 

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Mick Henien

Mick's Story

Mick Henien is an award winning Real Estate Agent, who has the dedication and commitment to meet the aspirations and exceed all expectations of all his clients.

Mick has worked in lending management for almost 15 years and has been in a property-sales orientated position for over 10 years, this all allows him to proficiently read the property market and effectively utilise all marketing strategies achieving spectacular results. Energetic, full of enthusiasm and an excellent negotiator, Mick's friendly nature and grounded attitude allows him to be a pleasure to deal with. He enjoys helping families successfully enter the next phase of their lives with a stress-free process. 

His invaluable experience in residential sales, project marketing and property management has allowed Mick to excel in many sales that others have been challenged with, and he has been involved in the sale of various multi-million dollars properties and development sites. His persistence in finding the right buyer and maximising the property’s value in conjunction with his superior negotiation skills and dedication allows for the best results and outcomes for all his clients. 




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Ph: 02-7227 6997 Mob: 0420 969 749